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Goalie Camps

In Conjunction with Evolution Goaltending 

The Olds Summer Camp consists of both an integrated technical skill development progression
and a tactical skill progression, revolving around the Save Process Theory.
Goalies will begin with an emphasis on skill acquisition of technical details and body mechanics.
Then, they will transition to a skill application phase, where the goalies will learn how to
integrate the skills acquired into the complex and multi-dimensional situations that are
encountered in games.
Over the week, goalies will learn a plethora of details that will both enhance their skills
alongside their understanding of the position. The subjects that will be covered are the following:
The Save Process
● Shot Preparation
○ Direction of Movement
○ Vertical / Horizontal Corridors
● Save Execution
○ Forward-Head Trajectory
○ Back-Hand Support
○ Blocking/Reacting
● Post-Save Response
○ Lead-Leg Extension / Retraction
○ Standardized Response

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