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2024 Grizzlys Summer Programs

August 13-15, 2024

Shoot to Score Camp 
 $170 - August 13-15     60 min On Ice
Professional instruction in a progression which will demonstrate and reinforce elements of scoring such as pre-shot foot work, shot release, shot selection, accuracy, velocity, and deking which will benefit players in creating and finishing scoring chances.    Birth Years 2016-2011
Defence Speciality Camp 
 $170 - August 13-15    60 min On Ice
Professional instruction in a progression that is focused on improving all skills of a defenseman including gap control, one on one and two on one play, corner and net front battles, outlet passing, shooting, and situational positional play.  Birth Years 2016-2011
Battle Zone- Contact Speciality Camp 
 $170 - August 13-15      60 min On Ice
Our Battle Zone Camp curriculum is designed to teach players the close-quarters battle skills needed to win the hard areas of the ice.  Winning the hard areas of the ice requires a unique combination of competitive attitude, skill technique, and tactical technique.  Most coaches would agree that these skills, techniques, and tactics usually mean the difference between winning and losing a hockey game.  By learning how to dominate the net front and the end wall areas of the ice you will become the player everyone wants to play with and nobody wants to play against. 
Birth Year 2011-2009

August 19-23, 2024

Full Day - Hockey Camps

$500 - August 19-23     8:00 am -5:00 pm
2 - 60 min Ice times      2 - Dry land sessions   2 - activities  per day

Group A - 2020-2018      Group B - 2016-2017     Group C - 2015-2011

5 day Hockey School of Skate and Skills, each group will receive 2 ice times, 2 dry land and 2 activities per day. Please have children bring a lunch, gym cloths,  indoor runners and water bottle.   More information on day specific events closer to camp.  outdoor activities will be dependent on weather. snacks will be provided. *(please let us know of any food allergies)


* Each participant in Full Day Camps receives an Olds Grizzlys Camp Jersey *  

* Early Bird Registration is open until June 1, 2024    5% *

No Refunds 

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