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 Power Plant Off-Ice Training 

*OutPace-OutPlay-OutThink Your Opponent*

The Power Plant Off-Ice Training program is a scientifically designed program that will take your athletic skill development and strength and conditioning to the next level.  Participants will be blown away by the rapid results the program delivers.  Committed athletes can expect to see dramatic changes in both body composition and performance; changes they have never attained with more traditional training programs.  Work-outs are quick, exciting, and constantly varied to maximize adaptation; while at the same time safe, effective, and grounded in a scientific-based approach that ensures the participant develops the most important athletic qualities.  The Power Plant Off-Ice Training program delivers unique work-outs designed to make you leaner, make you stronger, make you more powerful, make you faster, make you smarter, and help you improve every aspect of your athletic performance.


Camp Features:

Enthusiastic instructors that will engage with your son or daughter.


Our exclusive Rapid Acquisition Skill Protocols (RASP) are advanced learning techniques that accelerate learning pace and maximize the transfer of athletic skill development and strength and conditioning into game play.


Our scientifically designedPower Plant Off-Ice Training program includes a full menu of the individual athletic skills, and sport-specific strength and conditioning protocols designed for the modern game of hockey.


Our battery of SMART Games will engage the athletes and provide a fun environment, but also maximize the development of the athletic physical and athletic cognitive skills required to excel in the game of hockey.




Athletic Physical and Cognitive Skills Development and Strength and Conditioning

Specific Curriculum:

Athletic Skills:                                                           Strength Skills:

-Posture-Balance-Stability Skills                     -Strength Skills

-Flexibility-Mobility-Agility Skills                      -Stamina Skills

-Coordination-Dexterity-Rhythm Skills            - Speed Skills

Conditioning Skills:                                                Athletic Cognitive Skills:

-Aerobic Training                                             -Perceptual & Anticipatory Skills

-Anaerobic-Lactate Training                            -Spatial Orientation & Spatial Navigation Skills

-Aerobic-Alactate Training                              -Pattern Recognition & Decision-Making Skills


Dates & Times:

 - U13/U15  May 1 - May 30      4:15-5:15

                June 1 - June 29  4:15-5:15

                July 4 - July 27   4:15-5:15

2 days a week - $80/month

- U18/U20   May 1 -May 31      5:30-7:00

                June 1 - June 30   5:30-7:00

                July 3 - July 31    5:30-7:00

5 days a week - $200/month




Lead Instructor:  Scott Atkinson MSc, NSCA-CSCS, NCCP High Performance Hockey Coach

Assistant Instructors:  Grizzly Coaches and Players


Grizz Den   #104 6116 46 St.  Olds, AB

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