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SPEED DEMON: Elite Prep Camps

Success in the modern game of hockey hinges on the ability to read, recognize, react, and execute skill with superior technical precision.  However elite players and coaches realize even that is not enough.  Speed is a necessity.  The Speed Demon Elite Prep program will help grow a young player’s game by exposing them to the most effective techniques and tactics to take their game to the next level.  The Speed Demon Elite Prep program is an all-encompassing execution plan for success in today’s aggressive, attacking, and fast-paced game of hockey

Speed Demon - Elite Prep Curriculum

Hockey Development Skills:                                      

Hockey Performance Skating Skills                         

Puck Control & Stickhandling Skills                       

Passing & Receiving Skills                                       

Shooting Skills                                                           

Deking & Deception Skills                                         

Offensive Battling Skills                                              

Defensive Battling Skills                                            


Hockey Development Tactical Skills:                                         1 vs. 1 Situations (Close/Open)                                    

2 vs. 1 Situations (Close/Open)                                  

2 vs. 2 Situations (Close/Open)                                     

3 vs. 2 Situations (Close/Open)                                  

Athletic Development Skills:

Posture-Balance-Stability Skills

Flexibility-Mobility-Agility Skills

Coordination-Dexterity-Rhythm Skills


Strength Development Skills:

Strength-Speed-Stamina Skills                          Anaerobic Conditioning Skills


Game Sense Skills:                                        

On- and Off- Ice SMART Games:     

Spatial Orientation & Navigation Skills

Pattern Recognition Skills     

Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills

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